Monitored alarm systems

Many premises require remote 24 hour monitoring of the alarm system, either for the customer’s peace of mind or as an insurance requirement.

Systems and signalling are usually graded depending on the risk at the site. In most cases dual path signalling is required and recommended, but single path solutions are available

Whichever remote signalling system is required C&C Security can install the type to suit your needs. Using the latest BT Red Care products linked to our NSI approved monitoring station we can meet the highest monitoring standards required.


The Telephone Systems are changing!

What is happening and why? BT is changing the way it provides telephone services to its UK customers, moving from analogue to digital technology. BT intends for all its customers to be using fully digital telephone services by 2025.

Today, telephone calls made over landlines are pretty much the only form of communication that travels over networks which has not been part of the digital revolution.

BT is upgrading its phone service in response to changing customer needs and demands and because the analogue equipment that powers telephone services today is aging and increasingly difficult to maintain.

The upgrade to digital voice means that BT can offer its customers exciting new benefits that take advantage of the efficiency and flexibility the latest technology brings whilst keeping the reliability, trust and familiarity of today’s existing telephone services.

BT is planning now and starting early. The process of upgrading customers to digital voice services will be gradual, with full engagement with customers and industry to make this a seamless transition. (Source BT Red Care Information communication 2018).

This basically means that by 2025 PSTN telephone lines will no longer work so new signalling technology is required. Some existing systems and some which may still be being installed will not work as the old telephony system is upgraded. (Typically speech diallers and digital communicators and similar products).

At the same time the mobile networks are changing. Systems using the 3G network will become less reliable as the industry will rely more on 2G and 4G networks.

Using secure police preferred networks, ECHO-connected Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) receive a digital alarm signal transmission direct from your premises in the event of an alarm activation.

The signal is verified and then transmitted directly to Police Force Despatchers via the ECHO platform.

Police estimates indicate a saving of up to 4 minutes in response time, which could prove critical in an emergency.

C&C have a full range of the signalling products to cope with the imminent changes without affecting our customers systems

For more information on how to monitor your system at all times, please get in touch with the team today and one of our friendly professionals will be glad to help.

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